Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Collection Highlight: Anatomy Models & DMR Images

collage of anatomy models

The Models

Many students from academic programs based in Cooper Science Building such as pre-med, nursing, biology, science education, anatomy/physiology, health science, and even medical students from Ball Memorial Hospital study anatomy. Each semester, an average of 200 students enroll in the entry-level anatomy course (ANAT 201) alone.

The SHSL has 11 human anatomical models. The Department of Physiology and Health Science makes available a wide variety of models in the Anatomy Study Room. However, the Study Room can only accommodate so many students simultaneously and is open only a limited number of hours each week. We also frequently have a selection of models from the Anatomy Study Room on reserve to supplement our own collection. By making even a small number of models available in the Science-Health Science Library, University Libraries can support the Study Room’s efforts and help students of anatomy achieve academic success.

You will need a valid BSU ID in order to check out any of the models. The loan period for all models is 2 hours and they must remain in the Library. The models can be renewed.

Online Images

In case you cannot make it to the SHSL, images (and coming soon: keys to the models) of the models can be accessed through the Digital Media Repository (DMR). Additionally, there is an Anatomy Study Page on the SHSL website that contains thumbnails of most of the models, links to their CardCat records, and a few links to some online anatomy resources.

Click on the call numbers to see the CardCat record

UDC 4057
"Tall Paul" Torso

UDC 4058
Digestive System

UDC 4059
Disarticulated half skeleton with skull

UDC 4060
Male Pelvis

UDC 4061

UDC 4062
Female Pelvis

UDC 4066
Respiratory System (Lungs & Larynx)

UDC 4067
Head and Brain

UDC 4085
Giant Five-Part Eyeball

UDC 4086
Muscled Arm

UDC 4129
Heart, 2-part [model]