Thursday, January 11, 2007

Collection Highlight: DVDs

The SHSL has a small collection of DVDs. They focus on science education and are generally used by faculty in the classroom but can be checked out by students as well.

DVD Titles Currently in the SHSL

Click on the link to view the CardCat records.

Cutting and splicing DNA
(DVD Video 2245)

Evolution, the evidence for modern ideas on evolution
(DVD Video 2233-2243)

Sequencing life
(DVD Video 2283)

SkyScan DVDs,
(specifically for use by the Planetarium)
(DVD Video 32, 35-38, 1439-1441)

Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations
(DVD Video 1492, v1-26)

Circulation & Booking

The DVDs in the SHSL circulate for 4 hours but can be renewed. Special loan periods can be arranged for faculty.

Booking allows faculty to reserve a video or videos for use at a specific time on a specific day. DVDs in the SHSL can be booked the same as videos in EdRes- through the online form or by calling EdRes (5-5334) or the SHSL (5-5079). But, if you’re in the building, you can just pop in the SHSL and check out the video you need for 4 hours and renew it if you need to. For more information, read EdRes’s Video Booking page. If you would like to access the videos or portions of them online, contact Jerry Cole in the University Teleplex’s Video Information Systems (VIS) office (5-2979) and ask about a service called “Video On Demand.”

CardCat Call No. Search

Because the collection grows and changes, you may want to check CardCat to get a list of all the DVDs currently available in the SHSL by doing a call number search. Follow the steps below.

  1. Go to CardCat and click on Call No. Search (the default is a Basic Search).
  2. Enter “DVD Video 32” in the Call Number field.
  3. Select “Science-Health Science Library” from the Library drop-down menu.
  4. Select “Accession Call Number” from the Call Number Type menu.
  5. Select “Science-Health Science Library” from the Location menu.
  6. Select “DVD videos” from the Format menu.
  7. Click Search.

Media Finders

You can also use the Libraries Media Finders to locate specific video titles, their locations, and their availability. Click here to find the finders. You can also access the Media Finders from either the University Libraries main page or the Student Virtual Library. Look for the link "Music, Movies, Software" under the "Find..." menu.

In order to find DVDs that might be in the SHSL, make sure to use the media finder called “videorecordings (all) – the one titled “movies and tv programs” searches for fiction only.