Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stargazing: indoors and outdoors

It's quickly becoming warm enough to venture outside to look at the stars without fear of frostbite. Take a look at a selection of resources and programs below that you can use to wander the universe in your back yard, at your computer, or in the BSU Planetarium.

The image above of two galaxies colliding (NGC 2207 & IC 2163) was taken by the Hubble space telescope and can be found at the HubbleSite website listed below.

BSU Planetarium
The BSU Planetarium is offering the Visitor's Guide to the Universe during April. For more information, contact Dr. Ronald Kaitchuck.

Manuals, handbooks, and field guides

Available in the Science-Health Science Library or in Bracken
You will find most within the call number range QB63-65

Click on the title to view the CardCat record:

Summer stargazer by Robert Clairborne
QB64 .C57 1981

Deep sky observing by Steven Coe
QB64 .C597 2000

Backyard astronomer’s guide by Terence Dickinson & Alan Dyer
QB64 .D53 2001

Universe from your backyard by David Eicher
QB64 .E53 1988

Field guide to the deep sky objects by Mike Inglis
Sci QB64 .I54 2001

Peterson’s Field guide to the stars and planets by Jay Pasachoff
Sci QB64 .P37 2000

3-D atlas of stars and galaxies by Richard Monkhouse & John Cox
Sci QB65 .M586 2000

SkyAtlas 2000.0 by Wil Tirion & Roger Sinnott
Sci QB65 .T54 1998 (Oversize)

Online Interactive Charts & Images

images from & information about the Hubble space telescope

Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Sky-Map.Org or WikiSky
an interactive sky chart

Sky & Telescope’s interactive sky chart

Telescopes, Videos, and Other Library Stuff

BSU Media Finder Blog: Astronomy Day (21 April)
Wonderful stuff you can check out from the BSU Libraries to help you explore the cosmos.