Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Solstice

Earth northern hemisphere solstice graphic from WikiCommons
2:06 pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time, 21 June 2007 marks the summer solstice- the longest day of the year {image from WikiCommons}.

This means that the sun appears furthest north in the sky and the time between sunrise and sunset is the greatest providing the most daylight hours for the whole year. For example, sunrise was 6:12 am this morning and sunset will be 9:14 pm. On 21 September, three months from now, sunrise will be 7:28 am and sunset will be 7:41 pm (do your own calculations at the US Naval Observatory)- almost 3 hours more daylight (2 hours, 49 minutes, to be exact).

For more information on this in Ball State's University Libraries and online:

Do keyword searches in CardCat for "vernal," "spring," "autumnal," or "fall" "equinox," or "soltices." You can also type in terms such as "astronomy" or "seasons" for more general information.

You can also find books on this subject and astronomy in general on the shelves under call numbers beginning with Q14 (encyclopedia, dictionaries, glossaries, etc.) or QB63-65 (field guides, star charts, manuals, etc.).

External Links--

"The Egg and the Equinox" and "The Longest Day" from Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy

"Summer Solstice" from Wolfram Research

SkyTonight Almanac from Sky & Telescope

Earth's Seasons: Equinoxes, Solstices, Perihelion, and Aphelion from the US Naval Observatory

Monday, June 18, 2007

Login to CardCat

Logging in to CardCat means that you can now directly renew, recall/hold, and review items in your account without a PIN (Personal Identification Number). Ball State students, faculty, and staff can login using their OutLook usernames and passwords. Resident/affiliates, including alumni, must register for a resident/affiliate card (see below for more information).

Holds and Recalls

Look for the “Place a hold” link on the lefthand side of the screen when viewing an item you want (see image below). Just click on it, fill out the simple form, and you will then be notified when the item is available for you to pick up at the location you specified. Review the status of your hold/recall requests by going into "My Library Account."

Remember that some items like videos and course reserves may not have holds or recalls placed on them. If you need a video at a certain time, you can use the booking form. Course reserve loan periods are designed to be short enough that you will not have to wait very long before it is again available for circulation.

My Library Account

This feature lets you see what you have checked out, what you have on hold, and the status of those requests. You can also renew one or more of your items at once- if you have renewed an item online once already then you will need to bring it physically back in to a circulation point for further renewals.

Resident/Affiliate Users

Simply type in your card number and PIN to log in. This refers to anyone that is not currently a student, faculty, or staff at Ball State University. This includes BSU alumni and Indiana State residents (see the Guide for Residents for more information).

More questions?

The CardCat Login FAQ page may have the answers or, as always, you can call any circulation point (eg Architecture Library, Science-Health Science Library, Main Circulation, Educational Resources Collection, etc.) to have your questions answered.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Which journals are in the SHSL?

There is an imperfect dynamic webpage linked to the SHSL's main page: Journals in the SHSL. It seeks to compile a comprehensive list of all the journal titles physically located within the bounds of the SHSL's brick and mortar. However, it does this insufficiently because it also pulls in serial monographs like dictionaries and handbooks due to lack of differentiation of item type categories in the database.

Aside from using the above-mentioned dynamic page, you can do your own search in CardCat.

  1. Go to CardCat
  2. Click on Advanced Search
  3. Leave the search fields empty
  4. From the Library and Location dropdown menus select "Science-Health Science Library"
  5. From the Format dropdown menu, select "Periodicals"
  6. Click the Search button
This search should yield all the titles currently located within the SHSL including all of the titles that have been canceled (ie titles we no longer subscribe to) but have not yet been moved to Bracken or have been move to online-only access.