Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Which journals are in the SHSL?

There is an imperfect dynamic webpage linked to the SHSL's main page: Journals in the SHSL. It seeks to compile a comprehensive list of all the journal titles physically located within the bounds of the SHSL's brick and mortar. However, it does this insufficiently because it also pulls in serial monographs like dictionaries and handbooks due to lack of differentiation of item type categories in the database.

Aside from using the above-mentioned dynamic page, you can do your own search in CardCat.

  1. Go to CardCat
  2. Click on Advanced Search
  3. Leave the search fields empty
  4. From the Library and Location dropdown menus select "Science-Health Science Library"
  5. From the Format dropdown menu, select "Periodicals"
  6. Click the Search button
This search should yield all the titles currently located within the SHSL including all of the titles that have been canceled (ie titles we no longer subscribe to) but have not yet been moved to Bracken or have been move to online-only access.