Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Laptop wireless printing: Notes in PowerPoint 2007

When printing a PowerPoint presentation, most people want to modify the printout from the slideshow format to one which they can use to take notes. Usually, this is done by reconfiguring the print options when you attempt to print the file. However, this does not work with our laptop wireless printing service.

To modify your PPT printout through this service, you must change the options of your PPT file before you print. Here's how:

In Office 2003
  1. Go to the Tools menu
  2. Scroll down to Options...
  3. Open the Print tab
  4. Under the "Default print settings for this document" heading select the radio button that says "Use the following print settings"
  5. Save file
  6. Print file via laptop wireless printing service
In Office 2007
  1. Go to the main menu (click on the "bubble" with the Microsoft logo in the upper lefthand corner - see image to right)
  2. Click on the button at the extreme bottom of this window labeled "PowerPoint Options..."
  3. Follow steps 3-6 from above
For more information read a previous SHSL blog entry on Wireless Laptop Printing.