Monday, October 20, 2008

Daylight Saving Time: Fall 2008

So, when exactly do we reset our clocks? And is it forward or backward one hour?

Daylight Saving Time can be very confusing. Read below to help end your confusion! [The chart on the left plots the times of sunrise and sunset (with DST adjustment as separate lines) in Greenwich, GB for 2007. -from WikiMedia Commons]

Short answer
: On Sunday, 2 November, 2008 at 2:00am, you should set your clock back one hour to 1:00am. (Remember "spring forward, fall back...").

Easy answer: Most people who go to bed earlier than the wee hours of the morning simply set their clocks back one hour before they go to bed on Saturday, November 1st.

Detailed answer: Go HERE.

For more information...
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Figure out what time it is in the United States at

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Autumn Colors & Tree Walks

With autumn comes color changes in the trees, harvest moons, colder weather, and shorter days. It's mostly due to those shorter days that trees begin their annual process of conserving energy by shutting down sugar production in the leaf factories. As these processes stop, the leaves "die," green chlorophyll breaks down, and the other chemicals are revealed.

>>UPDATE, 30oct07: "Sunscreen for trees" new study reveals that there is more to the color change than previously thought<<

You can experience these changes up close and learn more about them during October. The Ball State Department of Biology is hosting Fall Tree Walks at Christy Woods and invites "you to enjoy fall colors and environmental education as part of the Field Station & Environmental Education Center’s quarterly programming."

These walks take place each Saturday at 1pm throughout October. The walks begin outside the Wheeler Orchid Collection Greenhouse with FSEEC Land Manager John Taylor leading the guided tour of approximately 45 minutes. The walks are free and open to the public. Parking is available in lot G13, south of the Wheeler Orchid Collection Greenhouse (OGH) (See BROCHURE with map)."

Further Reading
-- websites
The Chemistry of Autumn Colors

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Chemistry of Autumn Leaf Color

-- books & other library materials
Find books in the University Libraries by doing a keyword/words or phrase CardCat search using keywords "chlorophyll," "dendrology," "botany," "vascular plants," or "trees."

Or you can click HERE for a list of selected titles.