Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Christy Woods wildflower walks

A brief guide to spring blossoms on Ball State campus…

FSEEC Wildflower walks in Christy Woods
Learn about wildflowers with John Taylor Saturdays throughout April. You can purchase a Field Guide to Christy Woods from the Field Station and Environmental Education Center's (FSEEC). View an online map of available parking. For more information, contact the FSEEC at (765) 285-2641.

Map of cherry blossoms on Ball State campus

This map (.jpg) was created by Graduate Assistant Sang-Seuk “Jack” Yun from the Geospatial Center and Map Collection in 2004. View page 7 of the April 2004 issue of the Library Insider for more information.

Wildflower books at University Libraries
Here's a useful list of books (.rtf) that can be found in the University Libraries about wildflowers obtained by searching CardCat with keywords such as “wildflowers,” “flowers,” “flora,” etc.