Friday, August 15, 2014

"where is CN67?" - Navigating Cooper Science

For some reason, the classroom that is hardest to find in Cooper Science Complex is CN67. When someone asks "Where is CN67?" I will often reply (while smiling) "Right where it should be" and then explain exactly how to get to it: from the SHSL entrance, turn left and then left again. Go straight and you'll walk into it.

Finding your way around Cooper Science Complex can seem complex to those new to the building. It consists of three different building codes -CL, CN, and CP- but the room numbers are consecutive and non-repeating (ie there is only one room 267 despite there being three different buildings).

CL = Cooper Life (Geography, Physiology & Health Science, and Biology reside therein)

CN = Cooper Nursing (School of Nursing and the Science-Health Science Library)

CP = Cooper Physical (Chemistry and Physics & Astronomy)

The simple solution to finding your way around Cooper is to stop by the Science-Health Science Library (SHSL) ask the staff where your classroom is and pick up a copy of enhanced floorplans.

OR you can visit the SHSL website and download the floorplans (PDF) for yourself: