Friday, November 21, 2014

NASA sound library

NASA is now on Soundcloud. More than 60 sound files that were previously only available on NASA's website can now be heard and downloaded from Soundcloud for FREE.

They include mostly voice communications between mission control and astronauts but you can also find sounds of interstellar plasma, President John F. Kennedy, and Sputnik's "beep." The iconic words from the Apollo 11 moon landing are there as well as voices from the Mercury and space shuttle (STS) missions.

With a NASA app, you can set these sounds as ringtones on your smartphone. They are available as MP3s from both sites and M4Rs (for iPhone) as well from the original NASA site.

How do you set these sounds as ringtones? Instructions from the NASA site:
"Android (MP3 format) - We recommend downloading the most recent version of the NASA App for Android for previewing and installing these ringtones. The ringtones option is found on the main screen of NASA App for Android by hitting the menu button on your phone.

iPhone (M4R format) - Please visit our iPhone directions for downloading and installing M4R ringtones page.

Other (MP3 format) - Most smartphones can play MP3 files as ringtones. The process for downloading and installing ringtones to a smartphone may vary greatly based on phone, operating system, and service provider. Check your phone’s user manual or your provider’s website. Some providers may limit your access to ringtones not sold through their site. You can still enjoy the MP3 files on your computer."

NASA on Soundcloud:

NASA's "Download NASA Sounds":

NASA app: