Thursday, November 06, 2014

Seeing stars: the Ball State University planetarium

TV screens for announcements, live NASA feed, seating, etc.
The new Charles W. Brown Planetarium has its grand opening on Saturday, 08 November 2014.

Charles W. Brown PlanetariumIndiana's largest and 10th largest in the U.S., the planetarium is state-of-the-art boasting a 52-foot dome, seating for 152, and a GOTO Chronos II planetarium projector system (PDF). This system uses LEDs to simultaneously project over 8500 stars at 6.5 magnification, can dim/brighten individual stars (over 10 million), and even project 3D images and video. According to a Daily News article from October 2013, "the projector will be so detailed that visitors will be able to bring binoculars to see more stars and star clusters."

Four free and open-to-the-public shows (PDF) are scheduled for Saturday the 8th at 1:00pm, 2:30pm, 5:00pm, and 6:30pm. Make sure to arrive early because seats will fill up quickly on this Grand Opening weekend and are on a first come, first served basis, no reserveations or tickets are needed.

For information about location, parking, and general policies, go to the Planetarium's Visitor Information page.

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