Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New solid state drives & faster login times

Over winter break, Library Information Technology Personnel fitted many Public Access Computers (PACs) in Bracken and all of them in the Science-Health Science Library (SHSL) with new, solid state drives or SSDs. Basically, these are large capacity flash drives that replace the older, traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) that used magnetic, spinning metal disks to store data.

The login times in the SHSL have dropped from 3 minutes on average to less than 10 seconds. That’s an incredible 94.44% decrease in login time. Library users have faster access to CardCat, research databases, and productivity software via the campus Key Server which monitors software license activity.

Reasons for the longer login times of old include network cabling capacity, number of network hub connections, speed of the PAC itself, and connecting with our Key Server. The Key Server alone requires a significant amount of time and processor power.

Since the changes, Science Library staff have heard lots of praise from users. Users can now get to the network and software available on the PACs much more quickly and efficiently.