Monday, April 17, 2017

SciFinder Scholar: Not just for chemists

SciFinder is an essential resource for chemists but is broadly based and a great resource for many academic disciplines.

In addition to the 7 chemistry databases SciFinder accesses, every search done connects with Medline as well. Medline (aka PubMed) is the US National Library of Medicine’s biomedical database of research done in all areas of health science, biology, and other medically relevant fields of study. It is arguably the world’s most robust biomedical database.

Because SciFinder is substance-focused, combining its resources with Medline’s to search biomedical topics creates an unprecedented opportunity for finding research from protein science, physiology, pharmacology, genetics, and many other cross-relevant areas.

SciFinder is also very easy to use. The different types of searches (eg topic, molecular formula, structure, institution) are designed for findability and usability. Help is everywhere including several examples of what you might type within each search field. Searches use natural language protocols so you can use complete sentence queries. The results are organized, too, according to how search strings are parsed by “concepts” and proximity in each record. You can then analyze results lists by author, publication, year, etc.

To register and use SciFinder, follow the directions found here: